04 October 2012

Candy Cane Lane

The minute I signed up for a craft show, I was offered a job. Relieved yet reluctant, I traded in my craft room for an office, and my felt for a notepad. But I have committed to being part of our local Fall Festival, and I am sticking to my word. So I have a smaller booth, who cares. As long as I am having fun, right?

However, crafting because you have to sort of feels like a chore. I was not having as much fun as I hoped for. As I was churning out the ornaments, garlands, and gnome homes, I caught myself thinking "I'll be glad when this is over." Spending every evening in my craft room after a full day's work is starting to take its toll.

But then...

I have had this idea in my head for months. It started as a gnome home but my choice of felt colors made it clear this home is not just for any gnome. No, this is where Santa and Mrs Claus live. This house sits on Candy Cane Lane.

It needed to be finished still and its residents needed to be dressed (with a little help from Wee Folk Art for Santa). But when it all came together, I instantly remembered why I love doing this so much.

Lola is going to be tickled pink when she wakes up. There is no way this one is going to the fair or the shop.

Candy Cane Lane

I am linking the Claus's and their abode up to:
Creative Friday at Natural Suburbia
Friday's Nature Table at The Magic Onions


  1. yes that's exactly why I said I would need to place an order, Zoe wouldn't let that one go anywhere either. It's really special!

  2. Oh, these are SO cute, Hanneke! Make sure you let me know if and when you make some for your shop. I'll be sure to link to the on Facebook :)

  3. Congrats on the job! This is such a darling set. . . you might have to make a few more for the shop. . .

  4. That is such a cute set! Yes I agree that you may need to make a few more for the shop, it's going to be so popular!

  5. Very cute! Good luck at your craft show and best wishes for your new job!

  6. Goodness sakes that looks fantastic. I do that sometimes too - plan on something to sell and then I (or my family) am not able to part with it. Thanks for sharing.



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