04 May 2012

Building Fairy Houses And Gnome Homes

Ever since I made my first fairy abode of an apple tree branch, I have been playing around with other possible fairy houses and gnome homes. After all, I do not have that much apple wood and they are quite costly to ship.

One idea was to make a tiny home out of a round paper-mache box. When not being played with, the fairies, gnomes, and acorn folk could be carried around inside the box, making it a lovely toy to bring along for travel. I found the perfect boxes online and enthusiastically started sewing rooftops out of felt.

Unfortunately there is a problem with my supplier's supplier. I have a feeling it's a nationwide hick-up, like the scarcity of Green Bay Packers fleece last year, because the paper-mache shelves of every craft store I recently visited were disturbingly empty save for the two boxes I found hiding way in the back on the bottom shelf at Hobby Lobby.

On to Plan B. Wooden trinket boxes also make lovely houses. In fact, they are even better suited for my creation because they open much easier than the paper-mache boxes I have come to find out. Which means there will be far less pulling on the felt roof and it will hopefully not come off too quickly.

While I was painting my two housing options, trying to decide which one I liked best and how to fix the roof problem of the paper-mache box, Lola joined in and made a fairy house of her own out of an upturned paper basket from the butcher. She painted the roof, windows, a grass border, and flowering trees next to the front door. All by herself. All I did was make the door.

Lola's wonderful paper basket creation

The wooden house with the flat roof

The paper-mache abode. Its roof is a work in progress.
Tell me, if you will, which one do you like best?

We are sharing our creations on Friday's Nature Table at The Magic Onions and on Sharing Saturday at Crafty Moms Share.


  1. These are so cute! I have been crafting gnome homes as well. The flat roof has my my preference (maybe because I have been shaping them like this as well)

  2. Adorable! The flat roof one is too cute!

  3. these are so cute, and i love the little acorn caps on the fairy heads.

  4. They are fabulous (as are you little gnome people).
    My favorite is the paper mache one - so sweet.

  5. These are adorable!! I would love it if you would come share at our Sharing Saturday link party for child-oriented ideas at http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/2012/05/sharing-saturday-18.html. Thank you!!

  6. I vote for flat roof....tho both are darling!

  7. These are sooooo cute!! Your pictures look great :)

  8. Hi dropping in from Sits I am going to pin your gnome house. I love them both, but I do like the big flat mushroom top! Makes me want to make one. Your new follower. Theresa from DearCreatives.com I am co hosting a hop today & usually have link-up + more come by & join in if you like!