29 December 2011

Christmas On The Front Porch

We have a large screened-in front porch that is only used in the summer. We always come in through the back door. Even the UPS guy and the repairmen know to go around back.

But the space is too lovely not to decorate for Christmas. The green and red of the branches from the backyard and the berries from across the road frame the gray and white of my vintage finds nicely.

Isn't it lovely? If the weather were a little nicer, I would sit out there all day.


  1. I so loved this simple idea - filling a bucket with branches from your own Christmas tree. I copied you and it was by far the easiest decorating I did this year. :) Thanks for the idea - I am sharing it with my blog readers, too. http://rachelinraleigh.com/2012/12/13/celebrate-the-christ/

  2. Very pretty idea. Since the branches are alive, do you put water into your pail?
    Thanks for sharing! Kathy

    1. Thank you! And no, I did not add water. Winters are cold in northern Wisconsin keeping the branches fresh for a long time. If I were in a warmer climate, I probably would have.